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Cangrade's team of psychologists analyzed the personality, skills, motivation and performance of over 200,000 employees from over 500 companies and developed a breakthrough platform to organize, track and evaluate your candidates, collaborate with co-workers, set-up intelligent hiring criteria and use it all on your computer, smartphone or tablet. We are also proud to power industry leading sales training tools that assess, benchmark, coach, engage, and train sales reps. for some of the most successful organizations in the word.



By Greg Willard

It’s no secret that candidates submit resumes with the intention of making themselves look attractive to potential employers. The desire to “put your best foot forward” (and desire to get the job) can lead applicants to describe themselves in the superlative, leave out important information, or exaggerate their previous accomplishments.

Somewhere around 50% of resumes checked for accuracy contain at least one substantially false claim or discrepancy (these numbers vary a bit from study to study,...


By Greg Willard

The internet can be a distraction.

60% of companies report that they have needed to discipline employees because of their browsing habits, and more than 30% have actually had to fire people because of it.

The majority of organizations surveyed consider employee internet use to be a serious issue. About 60% have policies restricting internet use, while the remaining 40% actually block employees from accessing websites they see as “time-wasters.” Among the commonly blocked sites are Facebook, T...


This is Why We Do Cangrade

July 22, 2014


By Gershon Goren


You might have heard about what Cangrade does: we help businesses hire the best people by uniquely combining predictive analytics with an easy to use candidate management system that automatically grades every candidate, delivers an accurate prediction of future job performance, and lowers hiring costs.

This is WHAT we do. I want to take a step beyond that and tell you WHY we do it.


1. Hiring is broken


Evolution has in some ways poorly equipped us for living in the 21st century. It gave us