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Cornerstone Software helps you design, communicate and administer effective sales incentive plans that drive strategic goals. The software lets you model "what-if" scenarios for forecasting and planning. Automatically calculated commission payments from plans you create, give you accurate and timely data. Our cloud-based software gives sales reps visibility into their commission payouts. Our sales compensation experts are available to provide strategic consulting tailored to you. Benefits: increased sales, time savings, and a confident sales incentive strategy that delivers results.



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I just got back from a sales conference where I participated in a round table discussion about improving your sales strategy.  There was a lot of great conversation about what changes companies were making in the upcoming fiscal year to improve their sales strategy to match their corporate strategy.  Some were creating product specialists thus having to do more team selling, some were creating account managers where they didn’t have them before.  When I que



Sales commission checkup

This is Roxie and she is having her six month checkup, which reminds me that it is July and for those of you on a calendar fiscal year it is time for your sales incentive half year plan evaluation. You see Roxie isn’t very happy to have this checkup. Are you ready for yours? If not, get ready, arm yourself with data and not wishes and let’s figure out how healthy your sales commission plans are and if you will reach your strategic goals by year end.

You will



sales commission survey

That headline gives me a flashback to my childhood watching Richard Dawson host The Family Feud. And while our sales commission survey doesn’t receive such hilarious answers to questions such as “what month of pregnancy a woman begins to look pregnant” to which the contestant replied “September.”  (click here for a great laugh) It does however shed a great deal of light on what people are doing with their incentive plans and areas where improvement can be made.