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Cornerstone Software helps you design, communicate and administer effective sales incentive plans that drive strategic goals. The software lets you model "what-if" scenarios for forecasting and planning. Automatically calculated commission payments from plans you create, give you accurate and timely data. Our cloud-based software gives sales reps visibility into their commission payouts. Our sales compensation experts are available to provide strategic consulting tailored to you. Benefits: increased sales, time savings, and a confident sales incentive strategy that delivers results.



What do Sales compensation and a New Year’s Resolution have in common?  They both can fizzle out by the time April rolls around.  Let’s think about this for a second, beginning of the year you are energized to make major changes to make this the BEST year ever.  You make resolutions like going to the gym or eating right, and by February you realize it is hard and you start dropping a day here and there.  Then by end of March the weather is nicer and next thing



In the latest poll by Cornerstone Software 55% of those who responded missed their 2013 revenue goals by 10% or more. That means if you are a $5m company, you would have missed your revenue goals by $500,000 or more. That is a huge shortfall in revenue. I can’t help but wonder how much of that shortfall was due to a bad sales compensation plan. Did you just dust off the 2013 plans for this year and expect a different result?

A badly designed sales commission



Are your sales reps stuck?

February 26, 2014


sales rep stuck in the snow


It’s New England and this winter we have been getting stuck a lot! As I was sitting at the airport waiting for yet another weather delayed flight, I started thinking about what causes sales reps to get stuck in a rut. Are your sales reps stuck doing the same old thing they did last year? How did that work out for you? Did you make your revenue goals?

Often I find the sales compensation design team (maybe a team of one) dusted off last year’s plan and made