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Hampton Terrace
91 Walker Street
Lenox, MA 01240
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Open 24 hours (lodging) Check-In: 2:00 PM Check-Out: 11:00 AM (Unless other arrangements made with innkeeper or if expressed within a lodging package)



Hampton Terrace makes your Berkshires vacation the experience you deserve. For 76 years, Hampton Terrace has brought its guests back to the Gilded Age. The details reflect this, such as the Georgian-era fireplaces, the upkeep of the grounds, and the Southern-style breakfast that complements the New England locale. In addition, we provide our guests with an insider's view of the area: what's great, what's hidden, and what's truly unique. That's why unsolicited comments on rate Hampton Terrace the Berkshire's top Bed and Breakfast/Inn. Whether your interest is history, music, fine arts, outdoor activities, or just relaxing, Hampton Terrace is the place that caters to your desires.



Craft Beer in the Berkshires

April 10, 2014


Craft beer breweries are thriving in the Berkshires. What comes to mind when you consider craft beer in Western Massachusetts? Award-winning, excellence, and availability ought to be at the top of the list as several of the best craft beer breweries in Massachusetts are situated on the main streets and back roads west of the Quabbin Reservoir. 

Malt Washing MachineWhether you are just starting out in pursuit of malt beverage excellence or you have shaped a lifetime out of chasing the perfect pint, touring the craft...


Hampton Terrace Hallway

We have owned Hampton Terrace for fifteen years, and not a year goes by when we don't inplement a major project, or orchestrate a series of property upgrades.  This Spring is no exception.

Now that we have returned, I can share that Susan and I spent a couple of weeks away from the inn - celebrating our 35th anniversary at a beach, and visiting our kids and grandkids in Texas.   While we were gone, we had most of the main house floors completely refinished.   This is the kind of project that is best done...


Wicked Tuna

Gonna connect the dots here.  Susan and I LOVE Wicked Tuna - which is a National Geographic Channel reality show featuring the adventures of some very salty tuna fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts.   Not guys who drag nets, but guys who catch 800 pound fish with a line and a spear.   Every Sunday night at 9 pm.

Guys who go out every day, 7 days per week during tuna season, to earn enough money to carry them to next year.   And each trip out of the harbor is an investment in time, payroll, fuel and equipment.   They are...