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With the power and reach of the region's most trusted brands, LocalAxis from The Boston Globe invites you to take a break from the stress of marketing and let us handle it for you. We offer a full range of digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, including search engine marketing, targeted advertising, and more. LocalAxis creates an impactful digital presence for your business and delivers measurable results.



By LocalAxis from Boston Globe Media

With the holiday season in full spring, many users on Pinterest are looking to the platform more than usual for new recipes and decorations. The site is used to share ideas through “pins”; from recipes and DIY all the way to fashion and inspiring quotes.  It’s where people go to get advice, find products they may like, and to be inspired – it is essentially the word of mouth of the internet. More and more businesses are creating boards not just to get their products out there on the site, but...


By LocalAxis from Boston Globe Media

Close to 230 million shoppers made purchases over the Black Friday weekend in 2012 . That amasses to a shopping power of $59.1 billion. With 2013 Black Friday lurking just around the corner, what are you doing to to capitalize on this Thanksgiving retail phenomenon? 

Here are 6 ways to ensure your small/medium sized business sees profit next weekend 

  • Hit Locally- Your prospective clients will be inundated with advertisements in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Many of these offers will be virtually
  • ...


By LocalAxis from Boston Globe Media

With the World Series having just come to a close here in Boston (Go Sox!) sports fever is at a high in the city. While Boston is known for having particularly spirited fans, it seems to be a trend worldwide that game days are marketing gold – Superbowl anyone? While we touched upon this briefly a few weeks ago, we wanted to share some more examples of how you can take advantage of sports for branding on social media.
Following with the Red Sox shaving superstition, brands including the Red Sox...