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The Real Estate Cafe offers an unrivaled money-saving Menu of Services for DIY homebuyers & FSBOs. Opened in 1995, we were the first real estate cybercafe in the world; and our 100% rebate option was been featured in the Wall Street Journal. We invite cost-conscious, tech-savvy home buyers to compare our Menu of Fees & Rebates to Redfin or anyone else. Better yet, propose your own fee based on the limited amount of help you need. Would you believe that one in three of our clients in 2010 made up their own fee?



By Bill Wendel


So far, no one has been injured by a real estate drone taking photos of their listings or homes for sale, but we’re glad the FAA is implementing regulations to prevent that in the future. Contrast that to bidding wars. For six months we’ve been blogging about runaway bidding wars creating real estate refugees in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  More recently, our findings have echoed in this frustrating headline out Seattle:

When bidding $100,00 over asking price isn’t enough

Thankfully, a fellow real estate...


By Bill Wendel

Click on icons above for details of homes sold $100,000 or more over asking price from April 1 to May 15, the first six weeks of 2Q2014 in Cambridge, Boston & Somerville.

As Cambridge goes, so goes Lunenburg.​”​​  Really?  When a credible news source like the Boston Globe publishes statements like that, it’s time to ask what role the media has been playing in the return of self-perpetuating bidding wars in Boston and beyond?  Thank God, others — including at least one member of team,...


By Bill Wendel

To see how far winning bids are above or below original asking prices, run your cursor over individual sales in this scatterplot.  Each data point shows ($K over or under, as well as %).  Too zoom-in, drag a box across the area you want to expand.

Around the country, homebuilder associations showcase their new subdivisions with an annual “Parade of Homes; ” but blog comments on’s post today about homely properties selling $86,000 to $126,000 over asking price in Cambridge might cause one to ask...