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Founded in 1980, Schneider Associates is an independent public relations, digital PR, and marketing communications firm headquartered in Boston. Recognized as a leader in Launch Public Relations and for conducting innovative launches for products, services, companies, technologies, organizations and communities, Schneider Associates helps clients create and accelerate visibility in increasingly crowded and competitive marketplaces.



A Guide to Google Analytics

August 18, 2014


By admin

Google Analytics can be an invaluable tool to marketers: the service is free, easy to use and gives you access to in-depth details on your website. If you’re just starting to monitor your online presence, all of the metrics may seem overwhelming. Here’s a quick guide to three of the most important tools and metrics you will need to understand when first using Google Analytics:


1. Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is arguably the most important metric available on Google Analytics. It represents how...


Buckets of Hashtag Success

August 12, 2014


By Noel Fisher

It seems like Hashtivism, or hashtag activism, has finally hit its stride. After so many high-profile campaigns like #KONY2012 and #BringBackOurGirls generated backlash because a slew of tweets did little to produce actual results for social causes, organizers seem to finally have figured out how a hashtag can make a difference with the #IceBucketChallenge.

Everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feeds are flooded with posts of friends, family, colleagues, firefighters, policemen and even star athletes...


By admin

This week, Schneider Associates interns presented their final internship campaign projects. At the beginning of the summer, interns were split into three groups and asked to create marketing and public relations campaigns to promote their assigned theoretical client scenario. This summer, one group was assigned the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, an area that is in the heart of Boston and just a few blocks away from the SA office.


After spending the summer planning the proposed...