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Shepherd Financial Partners provides financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families and foundations on a fee only basis. We advise our clients as they progress through life's transitions, both the expected and the unexpected. We apply a defined analytic approach to each individual's retirement and estate planning needs. We have unique expertise and capabilities in planning for families of individuals with special needs and separation of assets in divorce. Whether a windfall or a set-back, our team will collaborate to provide you with the advice that you need.



By Patty Manko

Special Needs Trusts resized 600The establishment of a special needs trust can provide a false sense of security that you are all set. 

The money that funds the trust will secure the resources for your loved one to be cared for.


What is a special needs trust?

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is a legal document and a very important part of your child's long-term financial plan.

The trust may be used to hold money:

  • that you save
  • that others give your child as gifts
  • that you receive from an insurance settlement

Funds in the SNT



By Patty Manko

The “Goldilocks” environment for the US stock markets continued in the second quarter as gains continued broadly in the major stock indices.  The “Goldilocks” environment now seems to mean moderate economic growth and low inflation combined with accommodative monetary policy that is “just right”.   During the quarter, both the US Federal Reserve and the World Bank lowered their 2014 estimates for GDP growth to 1.9% and 2.8% respectively.  The main culprits cited for the reduction in future growth projections...


Thinking about Siblings

July 18, 2014


By Patty Manko

sibsjourney resized 600Brothers and sisters share the longest relationships on earth.  However, sibs are often not thought of when we talk about future planning for individuals with disabilities. 

SibsJourney held their annual conference for young adult siblings at Brandeis University over the June 20-22 weekend. The three young women who founded SibsJourney, Renee, Claire and Ellie, did an amazing job of pulling it all together, from fundraising to organizing.  It was great that Don Meyer, the creator of Sibshops,...