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Tory Row Real Estate is a leader in apartment and home rentals in Cambridge, MA and the neighboring areas of Arlington and Somerville. With over 20 years of experience in residential real estate, a focus on personalized service and an in-depth understanding of the local community, our clients can be assured the highest level of service, industry expertise and personalized attention. Whether looking for an apartment, buying or selling a home or in need of property management services, we look forward to working with you.



On The Right Track, Literally

April 28, 2014


By (Serafina Cignetti-Daley)

New York has the PATH, London has the ELLX, and now Somerville has the GLX. If you haven’t heard, then you must have a chauffeur because the GLX is opening up the transportation lines to and from the inner suburbs in a way as ground breaking as the electrification of the horse drawn wagon. The GLX is the Green Line Extension project, which will continue the line from Lechmere into Medford. The new and improved green line will pass right through Somerville creating a requisite connection to Boston. Given...


A heavy question out of context, but let’s take the prominent topic of micro housing. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a miniscule housing option right in the middle of your city, South Boston to be exact, with buildings up and running in Seattle, San Francisco and New York, geared mainly toward young professionals. These apartments are supposed to reduce cars on the road, provide an integrated living situation, promote green living, and increase energy savings. Electric...


As eating seasonally becomes more mainstream, restaurants and fast food joints have definitely caught on and pumpkin flavored everything is, well, everywhere right now — with the pumpkin spice latte reaching full-on cult status.

Use this copycat version of the fall coffeeshop fix (which has a tendency to sell out just when you need one most) to make a sweet, savory, and super money-saving version at home, all without needing a steamer! Just in time for the neighborhood costume parade tonight,...