Sequence Values in NuoDB

August 20, 2014


By msullivan6711

Ever wonder why your Sequence numbers in NuoDB are not necessarily assigned in sequential order?

Sequences can be used to auto-generate unique values, such as the primary key column of a table. Sequences also do not respect transactional isolation so they will not cause conflicts if multiple transactions are using the same sequence at the same time. This is why using a Sequence is better than manually maintaining an integer column of a table to assign values.

For a distributed database like NuoDB, the


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With today’s close scrutiny of executive compensation and pay-for-performance alignment, the valuation of long-term incentive programs has important implications for a company’s compensation practices and external reporting.  To provide a deeper understanding of equity plan valuation issues and trends, Towers Watson recently launched a survey of corporate finance professionals about their organizations’ equity plan valuation and reporting practices.

Stephen Zwicker

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The Season is Changing

August 19, 2014


By Don Kleiner

The season changed this week autumn is here for sure, cooler nights, crystal clear skies and highs around seventy degrees. Many folks are realizing that summer is nearly over and I have had a number of last minute reservations for family fishing trips. Some families are rushing to squeeze in just one more outdoor adventure for the season.

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4 Simple Ways to Become a More Effective Manager

August 19, 2014


By Greg Willard

If you ever find yourself in charge of other people, it’s probably because of your past performance, amount of experience, or other credentials. Congratulations!

Now here’s the bad news: these criteria don’t necessarily ensure any amount of managerial competency. A great worker isn’t necessarily a great manager. Even the most outstanding previous successes don’t necessarily reflect important things such as effective communication skills or the ability to properly allocate resources.

Even worse,...

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By Gian Luca Fiori

Love the resilience of soapstone, but have your heart set on classic white countertops? We’ve got a choice that may offer a pretty good compromise…White Soapstone.

While most soapstone is darker in color, ranging anywhere from charcoal grey to black to smoky blue, White Soapstone features a lighter, nearly white background with deep, dark veins of graphite. Granted, it’s not a bright, pure white such as Carrara Marble, but it’s also not as delicate and easily stained.

White Soapstone

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A Guide to Google Analytics

August 18, 2014


By admin

Google Analytics can be an invaluable tool to marketers: the service is free, easy to use and gives you access to in-depth details on your website. If you’re just starting to monitor your online presence, all of the metrics may seem overwhelming. Here’s a quick guide to three of the most important tools and metrics you will need to understand when first using Google Analytics:


1. Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is arguably the most important metric available on Google Analytics. It represents how...


By MChapman

Sunday on This Week in Business, Marty Meehan, Chancellor of UMass Lowell, joined Paul Guzzi and NECN’s Peter Howe to discuss the University’s new research partnership with Raytheon and other changes as the school. Watch this segment here.

In the Briefing Room, Amy Latimer, President of the TD Garden, joins to discuss the Garden’s $70 million renovation plan and development projects happening outside the Garden. Watch this segment here.

On the Business Beat, Peter and Paul discuss Governor Patrick’s inv...


By Daniel Swain

What do Jimmy Fallon, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake, and my 82 year old grandmother have in common?  A love for knitting? Well no, probably not (but imagining Mark Zuckerberg knitting in a rocking chair is a great visual). Over the last three weeks each one has participated in the Ice […]

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By Patty Manko

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By  Carolyn Jenkins 

Editor’s note: In recent weeks, the PreparedU Project has invited successful and accomplished executives to share insights into how women can help themselves and each other achieve success in the workforce. PreparedU research gave young millennials high grades for their skills, and so now we turn to female millennial students for their perspectives on preparing for a career.