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Continuing fallout over the downed Malaysian jetliner led to increased international tensions today (deja vu?). Russia called US accusations that it supplied the anti aircraft missles responsible "groundless". President Obama insisted that Russian involvement warranted further sanctions by Western nations. And thats what we saw happen this afternoon - Canada issued new sanctions targeting financial and energy related companies (much like the US sanctions...


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Schneider Associates is pleased to announce the hiring of Ariel Ferrante as Integrated Marketing and Digital Design Associate.

Ferrante is responsible for day-to-day agency social media management and marketing, as well as agency marketing design. Prior to joining Schneider Associates, Ferrante completed marketing internships with Hollister Recruiting in fall and spring 2012, Bayard Advertising in summer 2012 and Publicis in Dublin, Ireland in spring 2013. She also completed graphic design internships...


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At Grow Socially we are very fortunate to have some great High School and College folks join our summer team in various capacities, and this one is no different. Take a minute to meet this summer’s great team, Trevor Foley and Lea Duncan. Trevor, a Marketing Assistant, is going into […]

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By Greg Willard

The internet can be a distraction.

60% of companies report that they have needed to discipline employees because of their browsing habits, and more than 30% have actually had to fire people because of it.

The majority of organizations surveyed consider employee internet use to be a serious issue. About 60% have policies restricting internet use, while the remaining 40% actually block employees from accessing websites they see as “time-wasters.” Among the commonly blocked sites are Facebook, T...

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By Patty Manko

Special Needs Trusts resized 600The establishment of a special needs trust can provide a false sense of security that you are all set. 

The money that funds the trust will secure the resources for your loved one to be cared for.


What is a special needs trust?

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is a legal document and a very important part of your child's long-term financial plan.

The trust may be used to hold money:

  • that you save
  • that others give your child as gifts
  • that you receive from an insurance settlement

Funds in the SNT



Each year, more than 95 percent of Bentley seniors have jobs or are in graduate schools within six months of commencement. And Bentley’s Career Services Office is ranked third in the nation by the Princeton Review.

And somehow they felt they had to do better.


By  Vic Schlitzer

There are lies, damn lies, and then there are opinion surveys. Well, it’s not really that bad. After all, Bentley’s Preparedness Study revealed some remarkable insights, including employers’ sizeable concerns over how unprepared the millennial generation is for the workforce.

But sometimes things may not be what they appear to be. Take, for example, the Preparedness Study’s findings about men being better suited for business success than women.

There appears to be little doubt until you stop and...


By  Patty Solberg

There’s no set formula or clear-cut “solve-for-X” equation that can propel recent female college graduates to success in their careers, even though more than half of the corporate recruiters surveyed in Bentley University’s PreparedU research say that women are better job candidates than men.

In the end, I believe that moving ahead depends on the individual, and on so many other variables — like mentors, timing, opportunities and company culture.


By  April Lane

As we reported a few weeks ago, millennials now account for more of a third of the workforce, and are projected to comprise nearly half of all working Americans by 2020. Still, 66 percent feel misunderstood by older generations, according to our PreparedU survey.



Companies Where Women Thrive:

July 24, 2014


By  Melissa Massello

As the 11th employee of Waltham-based startup, reporting directly to CEO Sheila Marcelo, I had a front-row seat to the company’s early history and its mission to create a bias-free, progressive corporate culture where every single employee — regardless of gender, age or diversity — could thrive.