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Futures ticked down yesterday on positive domestic economic news, even as international turmoil escalated. Inventories were expected to show draws, but other economic data out indicates the economy is continuing to recover. The CPI (consumer price index) was up 0.3%, and existing home sales came in up 2.6%, both of which are good indicators. Today, gasoline continued downward, closing down -.0206 but ULSD inched up a little to 2.8754 (up 0.0212 on the day)....


By Patty Manko

The “Goldilocks” environment for the US stock markets continued in the second quarter as gains continued broadly in the major stock indices.  The “Goldilocks” environment now seems to mean moderate economic growth and low inflation combined with accommodative monetary policy that is “just right”.   During the quarter, both the US Federal Reserve and the World Bank lowered their 2014 estimates for GDP growth to 1.9% and 2.8% respectively.  The main culprits cited for the reduction in future growth projections...


2014 Towers Watson Data Services (TWDS) compensation surveys are being completed and TWDS has announced the dates for its fall series of webcasts for survey participants and companies that may be interested in participating in the future.

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This is Why We Do Cangrade

July 22, 2014


By Gershon Goren


You might have heard about what Cangrade does: we help businesses hire the best people by uniquely combining predictive analytics with an easy to use candidate management system that automatically grades every candidate, delivers an accurate prediction of future job performance, and lowers hiring costs.

This is WHAT we do. I want to take a step beyond that and tell you WHY we do it.


1. Hiring is broken


Evolution has in some ways poorly equipped us for living in the 21st century. It gave us


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Is it stone or is it wood?

July 22, 2014


By Gian Luca Fiori

Though it may look like cross-sectioned rings of wood, Stonewood granite is a natural stone that commands attention!

Stonewood Granite

One-of-a-kind slabs of dramatic Stonewood granite; photo via Marble and Granite Inc.

This granite from Brazil can be described as having a tie-dye pattern. Primarily yellow in color, it features clearly defined circular striations of caramel, amber, oak, and chocolate on a sandy tan background. The colors are typically very dramatic and crisp. Though more toward the neutral color...


The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has finalized changes to its auditing standards that will require auditors to consider the need to review the compensation programs of executive officers to identify and assess the extent to which they create risks that company financials would be misstated.

Steve Seelig and Bill Kalten

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By MChapman

Sunday on This Week in Business, Jim Lowell, Chief Investment Officer at Adviser Investments & Editor off, joined hosts Paul Guzzi and NECN anchor Mike Nikitas to discuss the impact of international unrest on the US economy and the latest Massachusetts employment data. Watch this segment here.

TWIB - Jim Lowell

In the Briefing Room, Tony Kingsley, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations for Biogen Idec, joined to discuss the company’s latest drug development efforts to combat A...



Getting on a Regular Social Media Schedule

July 21, 2014


By John Foley Jr.

Businesses these days can benefit greatly from utilizing social media outlets as a form of advertising. Since creating a business page on many social media sites these days (such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like) is completely free, all businesses should be taking advantage of these resources to boost sales […]

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Are You an Effective Leader?

July 21, 2014


By hgordon2013

Edgewater ConsultingI’m a bit of a history buff and I recently finished reading Jeff Shaara’s new book “The Smoke at Dawn” which focuses on the Civil War battle for Chattanooga.

The book has me thinking about what makes an effective leader. At the beginning of the novel, one general has every advantage, but focuses on the wrong things. While the other general begins at a major disadvantage, focuses on the right things, and ends up winning the battle.

The novel reinforced some core leadership principles that were...


 Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) just released its annual policy survey to obtain feedback from institutional investors, corporate issuers and others on possible changes to the proxy advisor’s voting policies for 2015.

Brian Myers and Josh Steinfeld

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