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In order to certify that NuoDB is a fully-featured database product that can be used to power existing enterprise-grade applications, we frequently migrate various pieces of software to run on NuoDB.

Recently, we did that with Phabricator, which is an open-source, web-based suite of development collaboration tools, including source repository browser, reviews, bug tracker and wiki. Phabricator is written in PHP and its architecture includes a database abstraction layer, even though it p


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This week, Arianna Huffington, Chair, President & Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, spoke at a Chamber forum about her latest book, Thrive. If you missed this event, you can now listen to it in entirety courtesy of our media partner, WBUR 90.9FM.

Listen to the audio file here:

You can also click below to listen to our recent Government Affairs Forum with State Treasurer Steve Grossman.


By MFrappolli

On Thursday night, the Chamber released the following statement by Paul Guzzi, President and CEO of the Chamber, in response to the unemployment insurance rate freeze adopted today by the Massachusetts Legislature:

“We applaud legislative leaders for coming together to freeze unemployment insurance rates at current levels. In the midst of an economic climate that remains fragile, this freeze will eliminate an additional cost burden on employers that would have negatively impacted hiring and job...


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Schneider Associates is pleased to announce the promotion of Noël Fisher to Content Marketing Supervisor.

In her new role, Fisher is responsible for supporting client campaigns by implementing program strategies, managing account teams and acting as the day-to-day contact with clients. Additionally, Fisher oversees the content creation for programs that include digital marketing and social media execution, creative assets, and brand storytelling content. Fisher also supports internal agency...


By  Fred Ledley

In this final installment of our seven-week Careers of the Future Series, Fred Ledley, professor of Natural and Applied Sciences and Management as well as director of the Bentley Center for Integration of Science and Industry, explores what exactly it takes for millennial students to prepare for tomorrow's careers — including those can't even be imagined today. 


By Patty Manko

caregivingHiring Your Own Caregiver is the second installment in our series of papers designed to help parents, siblings, guardians, trustees and individuals with the process of hiring a caregiver. Each of our contributors has generously shared their situation and advice, including many how-to's and helpful tips, learned from their personal experiences with the hiring process. 

Click the paper below to read about and feel the energy of Adriana Mallozzi, who has been hiring PCAs for herself for 15 years.   ...



Craft Beer in the Berkshires

April 10, 2014


Craft beer breweries are thriving in the Berkshires. What comes to mind when you consider craft beer in Western Massachusetts? Award-winning, excellence, and availability ought to be at the top of the list as several of the best craft beer breweries in Massachusetts are situated on the main streets and back roads west of the Quabbin Reservoir. 

Malt Washing MachineWhether you are just starting out in pursuit of malt beverage excellence or you have shaped a lifetime out of chasing the perfect pint, touring the craft...


By Gian Luca Fiori

In their efforts to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible to our industry, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) has recently commissioned two new studies on the relationship between granite and radon/radiation. So, reflecting “our” goal of keeping you, the consumer, informed of the very latest in the natural stone world, we’d like to share the results of those studies with you.

Bross Black from Marble and Granite, Inc.

Bross Black Polished; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

Basically the two studies measured...


By Joanne Wortman

All eyes are on Tyson this week after their recall of chicken nuggets with a trace of plastics. Unfortunately, it’s not just the makers of highly processed foods that are struggling with recalls right now.

As April unfolds, we see that the organic food industry is not immune either:

  • Three purveyors of organic black peppercorns here, here and here have also announced recalls this week.
  • And, the real shocker is this one: Tea Tree Oil mouthwash is recalled because of bacterial contamination, despite
  • ...


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No, it wasn’t Wednesday, and no, we weren’t wearing pink. However, it was raining yesterday and nothing says gloomy quite like the black and white our female team members all showed up wearing.

If you’re intentionally looking for a way to plan what to wear according to the weather, check out the fashion app, Cloth. It’s a way to share your daily wardrobe over social media, and when you snap a shot of your daily outfit, it will automatically be tagged with the temperature metadata. While it doesn’t...