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2006 Boston Marathon
  The finish line in Boston

Finish Area
Water and fluids
Mylar blankets
Food and refreshments
Baggage buses
Massage tables

The finish line is on Boylston Street in front of the Boston Public Library, midway between Exeter and Dartmouth streets.

Runners get their first glimpse of the finish after make a turn from Hereford Street onto Boylston. From there, the final three-and-a-half blocks, past Gloucester, Fairfield and Exeter streets (the left edge of the map above), is filled with thousands of screaming supporters.

The red dotted line on the map above indicates the extended post-finish area, which runs down Boylston and turns left onto Arlington Street and then left onto St. James.

The runners exit into the Family Meeting Area beginning on Stuart Street, and stretching along Clarendon and St. James streets. Alphabetically lettered and posted signs will enable parties to meet at the first letter of a runner's last name.