Woburn monument honors fallen police officers

Three Woburn police officers who died while on duty were honored today with a newly erected memorial on the grounds of the Woburn police station, city officials said.

The names of three officers are etched in the black granite obelisk: John “Jack” Maguire, John Gibbons III, and Edward Tedesco.

Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin said the 9-feet-tall, 15,000-pound monument recognizes officers who were on duty when they died.

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“What we’re recognizing today are officers not only killed in the line of duty, but also those who were on duty,” Galvin said in a telephone interview.

A crowd of over a hundred people came to the unveiling of the monument, including many retired police officers and other public safety officials, Galvin said.

“The names of these officers serve as a reminder of the risks that all of our public safety officers face on a daily basis as they perform their duties keeping the fine citizens of our great city safe,” Galvin said at the unveiling this afternoon.