Juvenile arrested in MBTA bleach assault, two women still sought

MBTA Transit Police have arrested a girl and have secured an arrest warrant for a 22-year-old woman for allegedly throwing bleach in a man’s face and then robbing him.

Transit Police have only identified the juvenile as a Boston resident. The 22-year-old has been identified as Lai Lawnnie Douglas of Boston.

Douglas is facing charges of unarmed robbery, assault and battery, and mayhem, according to Transit Police.

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The victim of the attack is still having trouble seeing through one of his eyes, MBTA spokesman Richard Sullivan said in an e-mail.

In the wake of the attack early Sunday morning, Transit Police circulated pictures of the juvenile, Douglas, and another woman allegedly involved in the assault and robbery on a Route 28 bus on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester.

Transit Police are still asking for the public’s help in identifying the other woman involved in the attack.