Car crashes through fence onto commuter rail tracks in Quincy

A crane was brought in to remove the car from the tracks.
A crane was brought in to remove the car from the tracks.Credit: MBTA Photo

An automobile crashed through a fence and onto the commuter rail tracks on the Old Colony line in Quincy, causing service delays, officials said.

(MBTA Photo)

At about 3:10 p.m. the driver, a Somerville man who was operating a “Zipcar,” ended up on the tracks near Newport Avenue, said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

Quincy police identified the driver as Peter Sharon, 48. Sharon told police that he either fell asleep at the wheel or blacked out, said Sergeant John Kelly.

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Sharon’s car, which was traveling south, went across oncoming lanes, up an embankment, and into the MBTA fence, Kelly said.

Sharon was transported to Quincy Medical Center with minor injuries, Kelly said.

The car did not make contact with a train, Pesaturo said.

It is not clear at this time if Quincy police will be citing the man, Kelly said.