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By Wayne Czybora

Follow these tips to keep your home and family safe!

• Replace locks immediately if you lose your key.
• Make sure outside doors are kept locked at all times.
• Have a one-way peep hole installed in any outside solid door
• Photograph your valuables and keep photos in a safe deposit box.
• Keep tool shed doors and garage doors locked at all times.
• Install a security alarm system.
• Have police telephone number affixed to all telephones (including cell phones).
• If you see any signs of forced entry, call the police immediately and do not enter the house.
• Improve lighting around the house. Keep night lights on at all outside entrances.
• Have locks replaced on newly acquired homes.
• Add dead bolt locks to exterior doors.
• If you are going on vacation, have a controlled lighting system turned on automatically. This makes burglars think that someone is home.
• Make sure you know the person at the door before allowing entrance to your home.

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