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The 10 Things That Make a Good Home Purchase That You Didn't Know


When you begin looking for a home to purchase, there may be certain characteristics of the home you look for. How many bathrooms does it have? Is it carpet or hardwood? Or whatever else is set in your mind for the perfect home.

However, many homebuyers don't think long term and how their new home will be presented if they ever want to sell it. Even if you're looking for your forever home, you never know what the future will hold and the possibility that you may want to sell your home for a new one.

Here's a list of things to consider about the home that will make it more appealing long term and to future buyers:

1. Location
2. School District
3. Position On The Lot (ex: how close to neighbors, how close to road, etc.)
4. Crime
5. Walkability (ex: can you walk to the store, school, etc.)
6. Neighbor's Character
7. Is It The Best Home on Block (answer: you DON'T want the best one)
8. Is It A Fixer-Upper
9. Will Your Home Hold Its Value
10. Taxes, Dues and Fees

For more information about these ten things, check out the full article here.

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