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How To Protect Your Home From Water Damage


REAL Estate Talk-Boston segment:

Boston Power Player and home inspector Wayne Czybora from Bonafide Home Inspections was in studio discussing how to protect your home from water damage. This time of year is when we often get a lot of rain and homeowner's sometimes don't realize the damage that can be done if their home is not protected correctly from water coming in.

Wayne is one of the best home inspectors in all of New England and comes across water damage in homes all of the time. In this segment he shares with you how to get out in front of potential water damage by protecting your home in key areas.

Wayne also shares some general points to home inspections and things to look out for that you can fix prior to selling your home and having issues arise during inspection.

Click 5-18-14show_WCzyborasegment_ProtectingHomeFromWater.mp3 to tune in for some great information!

For more information regarding this segment or if you would like to reach out to Wayne Czybora directly regarding a home inspection you can do so by visiting his website at

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