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No House Is Perfect

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By Wayne Czybora

After 18 years of inspecting, I have yet to find a house that did not have any problems. That’s right, even brand new houses will have some problems, although they are usually minor. That is the key word here, “MINOR”.

Sometimes buyers can get overwhelmed with the amount of problems that are found at a typical home inspection. Now, if there are one or two significant problems, then that is a different story. What I am talking about here is a long list of problems that are simply not a big deal at all and it is up to the home inspector to make sure his clients understand this. Otherwise, he is not doing his job properly and this can lead to buyers walking away from a house that could actually be just right for them.

The following are some of the items that I am constantly noting at my inspections.

Downspouts should extend farther away from the house…Attic needs more insulation…
Loose handrail…Shrubbery should be trimmed away from house…Improper soil slope at foundation…Chimney needs re-pointing…Gutters need cleaning…Fireplace flue needs cleaning…Outlet should be GFCI-protected…Slow draining at tub…Loose outlet observed.

So, my message to buyers out there, don’t be alarmed if your inspector mentions a lot of “problems”. What really matters is whether any of these problems have any real significance from a cost standpoint. And if you are not clear on this issue, make sure you ask the home inspector if any of these issues are costly repairs. He is not allowed to get into cost estimates but he should be able to tell you what is a major problem and what is minor. After all, you are paying him to give you as much information as possible so that you can make a sound, confident home-buying decision. Make sure your questions are answered!

If you are looking to have a home inspection done or have questions about your home you can reach out to expert and Boston Power Player Wayne Czybora directly by clicking here.

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