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Why Should You Stage Your Home To Sell?

By: Blair Hamaty-Professional Stager and Executive Managing Officer of Setting The Space

Maybe there's too much home inventory. Maybe there's too little inventory. Maybe the stock market is crazy today. Home prices are going up... home prices are going down. Yikes!

All homeowners as well as realtors should stage their homes in ANY market!

Home staging is analogous to an insurance policy. It's a big decision for a homeowner to put a sign on their front lawn saying "FOR SALE". A big decision like that entails some risks, maybe some sleepless nights for the homeowner. For a realtor, its an equally big decision to take on another property to sell. They need to make their customer happy. They also depend on commission for their livelihood. So why not use a tool such as home staging to help ensure all these risks for everyone will pay off? An insurance policy toward not having any negatives or missed sales or a buyer going to look at another house that looks better (probably because it was staged).

Believe it or not, there are still many people who do not know what home staging is. Home staging is simply preparing one's property for sale with the use of a staging professional. Statistically, 92% of people can not envision themselves living in a home that they are looking at to possibly buy. It is just a fact. Will my bed fit in this bedroom? Will my sectional fit in this living room if I buy this home? Where will I put my dining room set? Do I even need a dining set? Do I even need a dining room? These are the questions that start to swirl in a prospective buyer's head as they are looking at homes to buy.

Professional home staging takes away all of these doubts and swirling questions by correctly purposing spaces within a home. A home filled with sellers' "stuff" and clutter may prohibit many potential buyers from even going to look at the house. In our internet based world, a picture of a listing online will either drive a potential buyer toward or away from even giving a property 5 seconds of attention. THAT is why home staging is important in today's market!

Imagine an empty house built many years ago that has many happy memories engrained in its very walls. The floors might be a little worn. The kitchen looks nice but isnt brand new. Its so pretty to drive up to with all its curb appeal. But, being empty, it is lacking the soul that it always had with the happy families living there. It looks a little tired. So, imagine that same house fully and properly staged- there is a warm rug on the worn floor. There are pretty canisters on the kitchen counter, a bowl of apples and some comfy looking stools in the kitchen too. The second the front door is opened, one sees a home that could embrace them just as it always did when it was filled with life and laughter. This is the true result of home staging. To make a buyer have an emotional connection with what they have walked in to. And then, because they feel good, make an offer to buy the home!

Setting The Space is a home staging company located in Plymouth Massachusetts. It has extensive rental inventory ready to be put in homes anywhere in the country. There are trained staging experts on staff who personally choose a "look" appropriate to a home, who then go and actually place the items in the home. There are many possibilities to achieve a properly staged home depending on budget, necessity, or anything Setting The Space feels will help affect a great sale for the homeowner and realtor.

If you're trying to sell a home and would like to reach out to Boston Power Player and professional stager Blair Hamaty and his team at Seeting the Space you can do so by clicking here or calling 508.746.0600. Just talk to them and explain your situation. Take all the guess work and angst out of the process by letting Setting The Space handle the logistics of getting your home SOLD!

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