Miles and miles to Taylor Lautner

"Grown Ups 2" star Taylor Lautner and Lauren Cox in July.
"Grown Ups 2" star Taylor Lautner and Lauren Cox in July. Credit:

If you’re looking for an amusing tale about dedicated fans stalking the set of “Grown Ups 2,” visit Professional Fangirl, a blog written by super fan Lauren Cox. The 27-year-old New Yorker traveled to Massachusetts last month to get a glimpse of the A-listers (specifically, Taylor Lautner) who are in town to shoot the sequel. And she managed to succeed after hours of travel and an afternoon of patience. In a blog post titled “210 Miles to Taylor Lautner,” Cox explains how she journeyed to the North Shore to look for the stars in Swampscott, but wound up having to head to Westford with her friends to find that day’s set. After setting up camp near the filming site, Cox wound up getting video footage of Lautner and Adam Sandler’s crew leaving the scene. Later that night, Cox and her pals decided to hang out in Boston to celebrate the sighting, and randomly, they wound up running into Lautner. “The three of us are walking down the sidewalk when . . . ‘Um, is that. . .?’ And yes. Yes it was,” Cox writes on the blog. “There was Taylor in all of his tan skin glory getting out of his car in work out clothes, a Boston fitted, and holding a football. It looked like he had walked right out of the gym, it was magical!” Cox writes that Lautner happily took a photo with her, and that she is “grateful to Taylor for always being so kind, so generous, and so charming.” We’re just grateful that he’s become a Red Sox fan. We asked Cox where she spotted Lautner, but she said she didn’t want to disclose the location. She explained that she wanted to keep it a secret so that she could respect Lautner’s privacy. Hmm. . .