Shawn Thornton watches couples pucker up at the Pru

Still recovering from the concussion he suffered in a fight last week, Bruins forward Shawn Thornton didn’t make the trip to Montreal. Instead, he and Pats linebacker Jerod Mayo were at the Pru, where Gillette conducted a very unscientific test to see if women prefer kissing guys with clean-shaven faces or someone a little scruffier. (The shaving company says research shows that kissing is on the decline, and beards and mustaches are to blame.) Thornton says his wife likes him silky smooth – except, of course, during the playoffs when most hockey players don’t shave. “Yeah, there’s one time a year when she hopes I’m not shaving for awhile,” he said. What about his 21-year-old teammate Tyler Seguin, who doesn’t seem to have trouble with the ladies. “He’s doing alright,” said Thornton, laughing, “but he’s so young he couldn’t grow hair if he tried.”