Want ‘Mildred Fierce’ cast to shovel you out in drag?

Varla Merman stars in “Mildred Fierce.” (photo: Michael von Redlich)
Varla Merman stars in “Mildred Fierce.” (photo: Michael von Redlich)Credit:

You shouldn’t need a reason to go see Ryan Landry’a latest comic masterpiece. But we’re going to give you one, anyway. Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans have come up with an unusual — and highly amusing — way to raise money to take their show, “Mildred Fierce,” on the road. Everyone who buys ticket to see “Mildred Fierce” will have a chance to bid on “Shovel Out in Drag.” What’s that, you say? It’s the opportunity to have Varla Merman, Penny Champayne, Olive Another and Ryan himself — dressed in gorgeous winter drag, of course — shovel your sidewalk or driveway. (Ticketholders can bid on the Gold Dust Orphans’s Facebook page.) “We can handle a shovel like nobody’s business,” Landry told us Friday. “Varla’s a funny lady. You never know, she might wear a bikini.” “Mildred Fierce” closes March 17, but Landry said the show is bound for San Francisco in October and New Orleans next February.

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