Brookline author Mike Cooper has blurbed J.K. Rowling — and didn’t even know it

Author Mike Cooper
Author Mike Cooper

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When Brookline author Mike Cooper got an e-mail from a former editor asking him to blurb a debut crime fiction novel by Robert Galbraith, Cooper gave it a read, zipped off something usable — “ a riveting read from an author to watch” — and forgot about it. Until almost a year later, when the tweets ribbing him about blurbing J. K. Rowling began. Cooper, behind on the news that Galbraith was, in fact, Rowling, was initially confused; then “as surprised as anyone.” Finally, a third emotion: “I was grateful that I didn’t embarrass myself.”

As for Rowling’s desire to write under a pseudonym, that’s something Cooper understands. His real last name is the harder to remember: “Wiecek.” He has “no idea” whether his blurb of the suddenly-famous Galbraith will boost sales of Cooper’s own books, “Clawback,” and “Full Ratchet,” or inspire Rowling to blurb him. “But I do have a good story to tell at cocktail parties.”

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