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Polls Open as Scots Decide Whether to Declare Independence

The fate of the United Kingdom was at stake Thursday as Scotland began voting in a referendum on whether to become an independent state, deciding whether to unravel a marriage that helped build an empire but has increasingly been felt by many Scots as stifling and one-sided.

Most in Mass. Congressional Delegation Oppose Syrian Rebel Training

Just two members of Massachusetts' all-Democratic congressional delegation have voted to give President Barack Obama the authority to train and arm Syrian rebels.

Vt. Family Members Indicted in Canobie Lake Park Fight

Members of a Vermont family have been indicted on charges they assaulted police at a New Hampshire amusement park when they were told to leave their knives in the car. Vt. Family Arrested after Canobie Lake Park Altercation

Man Boldly Sits Wherever He Wants by Bringing Own Comfy Chair on the T

Tweeter Andrew Zook shared this photo of a gentleman leisurely enjoying McDonald’s in a suspiciously ergonomic chair in a Green Line train Tuesday afternoon. The MBTA says they don’t condone the practice. How @MBTA got its Twitter Groove Back Transit Police’s ‘MBTA Etiquette’ Shares The Bad, The Ugly Dude Seen Shaving Other Guy on Orange Line

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