MBTA Launches New Real-Time Info

The MBTA launched several enhancements to make public transit even easier, including new maps, countdown clocks, and real-time arrival information. What’s The Worst T Station In Boston?

Woman Allegedly Offered $700 Buttock Injections

Valentina Perez Tavarez, 37, was indicted on federal charges that she allegedly offered buttock- and lip-augmentation injections using an improperly-labeled liquid from Colombia.

College Football Players Accused of Beating Homeless Man

Craig “CJ” Parsons, a 22-year-old senior at Boston College who was a tight end on the school’s 2013 football team, and 23-year-old Anthony Varrichione, a former Marist College quarterback, pleaded not guilty to a January attack in Allston.

Former Falmouth College President Sued by AG’s Office

Robert J. Gee, former president of a Falmouth-based college, is being sued by the AG office for allegedly collecting excessive compensation and other perks from the school.

Walsh to Attend ‘Lemonade Day’ Workshop for Kids

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters is hosting a workshop to train young volunteers to fund and run small businesses.

UMass Boston Student Allegedly Called in Bomb Threats

Dean Beckford, 29, a senior at the school who lives in Somerville, has been arrested for allegedly calling in two bomb threats at the campus in the past week.

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