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Hellish Mass Pike Traffic Began in Earnest Today and It’s Not Getting Better Anytime Soon

The post-Labor Day back-to-work rush was more like a back-to-work crawl on Tuesday, thanks to what can only be described as traffic on steroids on the already infamous Mass Pike. This is Why Your CharlieTicket Didn’t Work Today August Commuting Traffic Worse Than Ever. Thanks Pike. What in God’s Name Is Happening with Mass Pike Traffic?

A Message From a Townie, Buried Under a Threshold for 73 Years

Hidden for 73 years beneath a threshold inside a Charlestown row house, the previous owner left a cursing missive for the person unfortunate enough to undo the letter-writer’s hard work. 10 Things that Turn Off Homebuyers Boston One of Nation's 'Riskiest' Markets Boston Real Estate Now: Hot Towns, Falling Prices

Brown: Out-of-State Voters Should Come to N.H. to Vote for Him

Want to vote for Scott Brown in the New Hampshire Senate race, but not a New Hampshire resident? No worries. Brown told Boston’s own Howie Carr that out-of-state supporters should just “come on over” and vote for him anyway. Scott Brown Makes U.S. Senate Bid Official, Takes Aim at Jeanne Shaheen Here Comes Scott: Brown Ties it Up with Jeanne Shaheen in Latest Poll

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