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Man Boldly Sits Wherever He Wants by Bringing Own Comfy Chair on the T

Tweeter Andrew Zook shared this photo of a gentleman leisurely enjoying McDonald’s in a suspiciously ergonomic chair in a Green Line train Tuesday afternoon. The MBTA says they don’t condone the practice. How @MBTA got its Twitter Groove Back Transit Police’s ‘MBTA Etiquette’ Shares The Bad, The Ugly Dude Seen Shaving Other Guy on Orange Line

Laundry Truck Gets Storrowed in Westwood

If you live in Westwood, Mass., your laundry delivery may have been a little late this morning. It was stuck under a bridge. Don’t Get Storrowed... Here Are Some Bridges To Avoid The Moving Trucks Are Coming and BU Is Already Nervous

CapeFLYER Ridership, Revenue Down in 2014

The Boston-to-Cape Cod train service saw a dip in its overall revenues, though it recouped some lost revenue with increased ad sales. June: Slow Start After Hot Weekend for Service State Expanded Service in 2014

Manchester, N.H. Is ‘More Educated’ Than Boston

Boston is only the 10th-most-educated city in the United States, according to personal finance site Fed Up Townie Delivers Scathing ‘Welcome Back’ to Boston Students

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