Bib Fraud at the Marathon?

At least two people have come forward saying that they found evidence of bib fraud that took place at the 2014 Boston Marathon. 32 Boston Marathon Photos To Make You Feel Like You Were There

7 Great Questions from Marty Walsh’s AMA

Boston’s new mayor fielded residents’ questions on Reddit for about half-an-hour Thursday—here are some of our favorite questions.

Girl Hands Resume of Her Unemployed Father to Michelle Obama

A 10-year-old girl whose father has been out of work for nearly three years handed her dad’s resume to first lady Michelle Obama at the White House today.

Hackers’ Group May Be Behind Cyber Attack on Boston Hospital

The repeated cyber attacks against the website of Boston Children’s Hospital were believed to be over the child-custody case involving 15-year-old Justina Pelletier. What is a DDoS Attack, Anyway?

Body Found at Boston Harbor ID’d as Missing Boston University Grad

Eric Munsell, 24, of Boston had been missing since early February.

N.H. State Rep: Women Deserve Less Pay Than Men

New Hampshire State Representative Will Infantine incensed fellow lawmakers by suggesting the wage gap exists because women don’t work as hard as men.

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