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Tsarnaev Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Indictment

Lawyers for the accused Boston Marathon bomber are asking a judge to throw out a grand jury indictment against their client, saying African Americans and the elderly are underrepresented in the process.

Key Factor in Police Shootings: ‘Reasonable Fear’

The Ferguson, Mo., police officer who fatally shot an unarmed African-American teenager two weeks ago, sparking protest and riots, was bound by 12 pages of police-department regulations, known as General Order 410.00, that govern officers’ use of force. Ferguson Teens Focused on Big Picture as Protests Continue Cop Who Told Protesters: ‘I Will F---ing Kill You’ ‘Suspended Indefinitely’ Photos: Arrests, Protests Persist in Ferguson

State’s First Human West Nile Case in Middlesex County

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported Friday afternoon that a person has contracted the West Nile virus in Middlesex County. This is the state’s first human case this year. Mosquitoes With West Nile Found in South Boston Spray This, Not That! FAQs on Kids’ Bug Spray Mosquitoes Infected With West Nile Found in Roxbury

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