Did God Stop This Rock from Crushing This Church?

Here is a close encounter for you. The scene: A Saugus church. The plan: Blast a hill of rock out back. And pray it all works out.

As you can see in this video posted to YouTube, congregants came just inches from having to pony up a bit more in the collection plate to pay for a new wall.

According to WHDH, the 10-foot rock rolled out from under the blasting mats, went over a handicap ramp, and stopped just a foot from Grace Ministries Church.

Pastor Rick LeClair told WCVB that if the 20-ton boulder went another 12 inches it would have gone right through building.

"We were standing across the street saying, 'Uh-oh. There it goes,'" LeClair told WCVB. "I was thinking the church was going to get wrecked, but I had this peace about me where it really wasn't going to get wrecked. And it didn't. The Lord just kinda said, 'That's enough.'"

A construction crew was clearing the land to build a charter school, according to WHDH.

The Main Street church’s food pantry services thousands of people in need. “It probably would have closed us down,’’ LeClair told WCVB, “but it didn’t.’’