Bee Attacks Man in his BMW, Man Does a Barrel Roll

A man claims a bee caused a man to flip his car in Ashland Friday morning.
A man claims a bee caused a man to flip his car in Ashland Friday morning. –Ashland Police Department Twitter

The animal kingdom is a ruthless place. Cats are biting depressed people. The ocean is out to kill you. And now bees are attacking humans in their cars.

At least, that’s what one driver in Ashland told police after his car literally rolled over on Winter Street Friday morning. Somehow, the driver escaped unscathed.

While his story may seem far-fetched, there’s no getting around the fact that a creature who flies and stabs is one of the most terrifying things imaginable.

Being in confined space with that creature? Yikes.

Being in a confined space with that creature while also trying to operate what amounts to a two ton missile with an engine? Forget about it.


The driver in this incident cannot be blamed for losing his cool – any reasonable person would have been just as panicked. In fact, we should probably commend this man. He pulled a barrel roll in his BMW in the hopes of avoiding a bee, and probably killed it in the process. That kind of stupid, unintentional bravery deserves a medal.

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