Maine State Trooper Responding to Moose-Car Crash Hits Moose

It’s sounding less and less safe to drive a car at night in Maine.

There were two more moose-car crashes in Maine on Tuesday night. The first collision involved two women who hit a moose while traveling along Route 1. The second one involved a state trooper responding to the first one.

The two women from Van Buren, Maine suffered non-life-threatening injuries when their car struck a moose on U.S. Route 1 in Cyr Plantation. According to the Associated Press, Trooper Dennis Quint was responding to the scene when he struck a different moose farther up the highway. He only suffered minor injuries, including cuts to his head and his hands, and has already been treated and released from a nearby hospital. His car was totaled and the Maine State Police tweeted out a picture of the wreck. (Click here to see the picture, but be warned that the image may be considered graphic.)

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The two crashes come less than 24 hours after Maine had its first moose-car crash fatality since 2012 and less than a week after a man suffered only minor injuries in moose-car crash that resulted in some incredible pictures.