Barney Frank weds Jim Ready in Newton

US Representative Barney Frank and Jim Ready posed at their wedding on Saturday. (Fotique)
US Representative Barney Frank and Jim Ready posed at their wedding on Saturday. (Fotique) Credit:

US Representative Barney Frank and his longtime partner, Jim Ready, were married by Governor Deval Patrick at 6:25 p.m. Saturday before 300 friends, family and colleagues, according to a statement by Frank spokesman Harry Gural.

“I’m thrilled for him,” said US Representative James P. McGovern, a Worcester Democrat, outside the Marriott in Newton, where the ceremony was peformed. “Massachusetts has always led the way, but Barney has been out front on civil rights issues for a while.”

Frank, a 72-year-old Newton Democrat, has served in Congress since 1981 and was one of the first openly gay politicians in national office. Before he was elected to Congress, he served eight years in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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The 42-year-old Ready lives in Ogunquit, Maine. He works as a photographer and runs a small business that does custom awnings, carpentry, painting, welding, and other services, according to the statement from Gural.

Guests at Saturday’s wedding included US Senator John F. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat; House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California; US Representative John F. Tierney, a Salem Democrat; US Representative Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat; and US Representative Al Green, a Texas Democrat who served with Frank on the House Financial Services Committee.

“He’s a wonderful person,” Green said. “[Frank] is one of the most brilliant persons I’ve ever known.”

President Obama was not invited because Frank said he did not want the Secret Service presence to inconvenience the town or his guests.