With regard to Evan Allen’s article in the Sunday Globe (“Scare tactics for bold coyotes,” Globe West Oct. 28) on the coyote hazing team that is being organized in Belmont, I would add a word of caution.

No mention is made of what the team should do if it is a pack of coyotes that needs to be driven away.

I live on the edge of an 8-acre conservation tract in Lexington, and it is not unusual to hear two or more coyotes yelping excitedly nearby, especially at night.

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I would hope that the team carefully researches the matter before trying to scare them off with a lot of noise.

I am reminded of the advice I received from a park ranger in Alaska as I was preparing for a hike into the wilderness a few years ago. Pointing to the large bell I had attached to my shoulder pack, he cautioned that to a bear, it might sound like a dinner bell.

Steve Wallis