Teen Speak-Out’s curriculum

Discussion 1: Reflecting on our school

What types of relationships do we have with the people around us?

What establishes these relationships?

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Do we group people into categories based on the relationships we have with them?

Do we act differently when interacting with these groups? How?

Discussion 2: Connecting with others in our school

Participants will connect the information in Discussion 1 with its impact on everyone in the school community and identify their role and the role of groups to which they belong.

Discussion 3: How can we use what we have learned to act together to make change?

Participants make a list of the changes they would like to see at the school.

Why aren’t we doing these things now?

What is getting in the way?

Why do we change ourselves?

What is the benefit of having an authentic self?

SOURCE: Youth LEAD, a Sharon nonprofit working with Sharon High School on the Teen Speak-Out program