Watertown kids paint mural on bike trail head

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Bella Carton’s brow furrowed as she gingerly stroked white paint up and down the massive scene before her, balancing on an overturned milk crate to get the height she needed to finish creating a tableau of the Charles River on a wall that towered seven feet high.

The lifelong Watertown native plucked a paint-stained earbud from her right ear, pausing for a moment to consider her connection to the scene she was painting before she promptly returned to absorption in her work.

“When I was younger, I would take a lot of bike rides here, and would see these signs everywhere,” the rising high school senior said, never stopping the strokes that created a sign marking river paths. “This is where I grew up.”

Carton is one of nine Watertown High School students volunteering their prime summer weekdays to paint a 230-foot long mural of Watertown landmarks on the cement wall that snakes along Linear Path at the end of Forest Street.

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