On Biking: Fuel body early to avoid hitting wall

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On a long morning ride, I was making good time when I suddenly hit The Wall. In the space of about one mile my pretty fast ride turned into a very slow crawl. My feet felt like they were encased in concrete, my lips became dry, and my neck began to ache. That’s when I had visions of pizza and ice cream.

In other words, I’d bonked. Bonking means you’ve gone too far and you’re too far gone. Quite simply, it’s like hitting the wall at Heartbreak Hill.

Every cyclist has bonked, even Lance Armstrong (PEDs won’t keep you from bonking). Once you’ve bonked there’s not much you can do: by the time you’re hungry, it’s too late. The best you can do is to eat, drink, and hope you make it home in one piece.

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