With the help of the happy throngs who flocked to Boston as the Red Sox made their improbable run to the championship, the MBTA set a record for ridership in October, officials said.

The T logged more than 36 million passenger trips on its subway, rail, bus and boat system, officials said. That was nearly a 3 percent increase compared with the same period a year ago and the highest monthly total ever, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said in a statement.

T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said increased ridership is also often a sign of a strengthening economy and job market.

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“The Sox weren’t the only Boston institution to have a terrific fall,” MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott said. “Ridership on almost all modes increased, with particularly big jumps on the subway and buses.”

The subway carried 35,500 more passengers a day than in October 2012. Daily trips on buses grew by 22,100 passengers, MassDOT said.

“Whether it’s commuting to work or traveling to a Sox game, more and more people are relying on the MBTA,” said Scott. “This is why investing in public transportation is a critically important part of growing the economy.”

Fare revenue for the month saw a $3.1 million increase from October 2012, as the MBTA collected more than $51 million, Pesaturo said.

Pesaturo said the MBTA works hard to keep its aging system operating in a state of good repair. “Service that is reliable and convenient is a very attractive alternative to automobile travel,” he said.