Back Bay bar’s license is suspended for underage drinking violations

Daisy Buchanan’s, the longtime Newbury Street bar, has had its license suspended for four days after police found employees serving alcohol to minors in September, the fourth time it has received a violation in the past three years, officials said.

“They have received three different violations in the last three years related to underage drinking,” said Nicole Murati Ferrer, chairwoman of the Boston Licensing Board, which handed down the suspension. “They have been cited other times, but no violations were issued.”

The latest incident occurred when police from the Licensed Premise Unit arrived at the Back Bay bar at about 1:15 a.m. on Sept. 13 to conduct an unannounced inspection. Officers approached four students and asked for proof of their ages.

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The students, from Northeastern University and Boston College, slowly began to move away. One quickly turned and tried to run before he was caught, according to a police report. After insisting their licenses were real, the students admitted they entered the bar with IDs that were not theirs.

When police questioned the students, Joseph Cimino, the owner and manager of Daisy Buchanan’s, allegedly inserted himself into the situation and told one of the students to “just leave” before police identified him.

Cimino also refused to sign the violation notice for police.

Three of the suspension days were for alcohol-related violations, and the fourth was because Cimino refused to cooperated with police.

In a session Thursday, the board unanimously voted that the violations had been committed. There was some disagreement over how long the bar’s license should be suspended, Ferrer said.

Neither Cimino nor his lawyer could be reached for comment on Friday.

In coming days, the board will issue a statement of reasons explaining why it found the violations. Once that is written, Cimino will have five days to appeal the suspension to the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

Daisy Buchanan’s has been a fixture in the area since 1970.