Malden couple learns winning scratch ticket will keep paying and paying

A Malden man and his wife were pleasantly surprised by their winnings when they came to cash in a scratch card at the Massachusetts State Lottery Headquarters, lottery officials said.

Jeremy Lockett thought he had won $50,000 when he came to collect his prize Tuesday, but was later informed he won $50,000 every year for life.

“They went nuts,” said Massachusetts State Lottery spokeswoman Beth Bresnahan.

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Lockett and his wife Rabina immediately started dancing around the lobby, she said.

Lockett chose the cash option for his $20 “Lifetime Spectacular” ticket after seeking financial advice. Based on the prize’s guaranteed minimum 20-year payout, he will receive $650,000 after taxes.

Lockett bought the ticket at Stop N Gas Inc. on Washington Street in Dorchester. The store will receive a $10,000 commission on the sale, said Bresnahan.