Boston Globe: Fertility Doctor Accused of Molesting Female Patients

Taken from a still from a video by "fertilityauthority" on YouTube of R. Ian Hardy, MD, of the Fertility Centers of New England-- Uploaded on 22 Dec 2010 R. Ian Hardy, MD, PhD, Fertility Centers of New England, discusses what evaluations and testing need to be done prior to donating eggs.
Dr. Roger Ian Hardy.
YouTube screengrab

The director of a fertility clinic has been accused of sexually molesting and inappropriately touching female patients—some while they were under anesthesia—over at least a decade, The Boston Globe reports.

A patient first complained about Dr. Roger Ian Hardy in 2004, and over the years employees of the Reading-based fertility clinic said they witnessed at least three other incidents, the records show. Some staff "reported Dr. Hardy's misconduct" to other physicians at the clinic.

Until this year, Hardy continued to practice at the Fertility Centers of New England, which operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. He resigned in January as an investigation was underway into new allegations.

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