GOP: Fisher Can Appear on Primary Ballot If Convention Vote Stays Secret

Mark Fisherr addresses attendees at the Massachusetts Republican state convention in Boston.
Mark Fisher addresses attendees at the Massachusetts Republican state convention in Boston.Stephan SavoiaAP

The Massachusetts Republican Party would allow gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher on the primary ballot if a judge agrees to delay discovery in Fisher’s lawsuit against the party. The party made the motion Wednesday, just one day after playing hardball and releasing a letter accusing Fisher of trying to shake the party down for $1 million, according to The Boston Globe.

Fisher is balking at the proposal, said the Globe.

Fisher told the Globe that he would oppose the motion because it would prevent his lawyer from getting evidence he believes will vindicate his claim that he legitimately qualified as a candidate. His lawyer has requested that the party turn over "tally sheets" showing the votes that delegate cast at the March 22 convention.

"It?s all about the tally sheets. If they have nothing to hide, show us them," Fisher said.

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The lawsuit concerns the party’s nomination convention, where Fisher came just shy of the votes needed to appear on the ballot for September’s primary. Fisher sued, claiming the vote count was flawed in an effort to give Republican candidate Charles Baker an easier path to the general election.

Asked by the Globe about the $1 million demand to remove his name from the ballot, Fisher said he gave the figure after the party asked him for a settlement amount.