MassDOT Reminder to Drive Safe Not as Safe as Intended

Commuters around Boston took to Twitter on Friday morning to share photos of a Massachusetts Department of Transportation sign on Route 93 that creatively encouraged drivers to use their turn signals.

The sign actually had two pages, with the first reading “Changing Lanes?” and the second (seen above) reading “Use Yah Blinkah.”

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Asking drivers to signal their intentions before changing lanes is admirable, and we should all hope that it would make the state’s roads safer. But if that’s the desired effect, it doesn’t look like this sign succeeded.

If you hop on Twitter and search for MassDOT, you’ll find more than a few pictures of the sign. While that’s a great way to share a funny road sign, trying to take a picture while driving down the highway isn’t exactly in line with the organization’s “safe driving” message.

So maybe MassDOT should revisit its strategy. Funny signs are great for publicity (and this one is actually quite good), but if they’re really trying to prevent accidents, “Use Yah Blinkah” misses the mark.