Report: Justina Pelletier Moves Back to Connecticut

Boston, Ma., 09/06/13, Linda and Lou Pelletier with their daughter Justina. For Neil Swidey story on Children's Hospital. A hand out photo from the family Section: Metro Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff
Justina Pelletier smiled with her parents at Children's Hospital last year. Her return to her home state will likely give her another reason to smile.
Globe Staff

After more than a year under state supervision in Massachusetts, a teenage girl at the center of lengthy custody battle has finally returned to her home state of Connecticut, according to a new report.

Fox 25 reported that Justina Pelletier, 15, was moved to the JRI Susan Wayne Center for Excellence in Thompson, Conn. Pelletier is from West Hartford, Conn., about an hour away.

The move comes nearly two months after Massachusetts was granted permanent custody of Pelletier, who was being treated for mitochondrial disease after a February 2013 dispute between two hospitals over the causes of her medical problems, according to The Boston Globe.

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The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, to which Pelletier was remanded in February 2013, issued a statement on Sunday reacting to the news that Justina would be transfered.

"We are happy that the family was able to participate in their regular weekly visit with Justina on Friday. This weekend, we are working with Justina and her family to ensure Justina will be able to make a successful transition from Wayside to the facility closer to her family and home in Connecticut. On Monday, she will arrive at JRI, where she will receive medical, educational and rehabilitation services. The facility has arranged for her family to welcome and greet her once she arrives," the statement read in part.

Last week, state Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz announced Pelletier’s transfer to Connecticut — calling it a “reunification plan” — in an effort to resolve the custody controversy.