Hundreds of Whales Are Feasting Off the Coast of Mass.

Whale watchers are reportedly seeing an “unusual amount” of whales in Scituate’s Stellwagan Bank. Between 20 and 30 humpback whales are spotted per 3-hour cruise, according to CBS.

The influx of whales is apparently due to the amount of sand lances— eel-like “sea candy”– swarming the bank.

Laura Howes of the New England Aquarium told CBS the whales are eating “about a million a day.” She also reported that the fish are “not only feeding the whales but the seabirds and all types of big fish.” This includes smaller Minke and Finback whales.

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ABC reported that there are 900 humpbacks in the area.

“It’s been an exciting few weeks,” said Howe.

Officials say they dont know how long the whales will stay to feed.