NTSB: Hanscom Flight Crashed 49 Seconds After Starting Takeoff

The doomed Gulfstream crashed just 49 seconds after the plane started its ground roll on runway 11 at Hanscom Airfield, according to new information released by the NTSB. Data from the flight’s voice and data recorder indicate that the plane accelerated to about 165 knots (190 MPH), then braked and reversed thrust, but officials declined to say whether that meant the pilots tried to abort the flight.

“I want to stress this info is preliminary and there is still a great deal of work to do,” said NTSB’s Luke Schiada during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Comments were captured from the cockpit regarding aircraft control, and the sound of the crash could be heard, according to Schiada.

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The new information came from the flight’s data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, which were recovered Monday night. Investigators continued to document and remove portions of the wreckage on Tuesday.

The plane’s remnants will be shipped to a separate location for further examination. The NTSB expects to be on site in Hanscom through the rest of this week, according to Schiada.

The recorders have been forwarded to the NTSB’s laboratory in Washington, D.C., for further analysis. Schiada stressed that investigators would not speculate on what the data means or implies until they finish their analysis.

Schiada said there will be a complete transcript made from the cockpit voice recorder.