Easter Eggs Filled with Antifreeze Found in Peabody

A dry Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, welcomed an estimated 1,300 youngsters while they searched among 21,000 eggs as the Olympia Eagles' annual Easter Egg Hunt closed in on its 50th year at Priest Point Park. For the third year the organization also offered an egg hunt for special needs' children two hours before the main event. (AP Photo/The Olympian, Steve Bloom)

Police in Peabody have alerted residents about plastic Easter eggs filled with antifreeze being found around town.

According to WCVB, the first egg was found on Dexter Street on June 4, and after a search, police found seven others on Aberdeen Avenue and Greenwood Road.

WHDH reports that the eggs had been planted, and had puncture holes in them, allowing the antifreeze to “seep out.”

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), antifreeze is a bright yellow or green liquid with a “slightly sweet smell” that sometimes attracts animals to it. It’s used in the radiators of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles to prevent them from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Antifreeze has a hazardous ingredient in it, ethylene glycol, which is very poisonous when ingested. According to the EPA, antifreeze “will cause severe damage to your heart, kidneys and brain,” and can cause death. Even just inhaling the fumes from anti-freeze can cause dizziness.

Anyone with information should call police. Pet owners should contact their vet if they suspect their pet has ingested the harmful substance.