Revere Officials Laud Post-Tornado Cleanup Efforts

Revere is getting back to normal after Monday’s tornado ripped through the city and downed trees, knocked out power, and covered the streets with debris.

“The cleanup has gone better than I could have ever anticipated,” Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo told WCVB, noting the street-sweeping crews that appeared after midnight. “It’s only been 24 hours but by and large the city is back in business,” he added.

Rizzo and several other emergency officials spoke Tuesday morning at Revere City Hall to laud each other’s efforts and get a tally on the destruction. There were no deaths or serious injuries, according to officials.

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About 65 homes and business were damaged, and that number is expected to rise to more than 100, according to WCVB’s Jim Lokay. After major power outages on Monday, electricity was restored to nearly all Revere residents, save for about 100 families, an official said.

“To see where the city was yesterday and where it is today is nothing short of amazing,” Rizzo said.

The tornado was the first recorded in Suffolk County since 1950, and so was a new test for local emergency officials. “We can deal with the biggest of snowstorms but dealing with a tornado is new territory for us,” Rizzo said.

The remarks came at a meeting of officials at City Hall, which suffered its own damage in the storm.

The storm caused between $1.5 million to $2 million worth of damage to Revere’s City Hall, high school, senior center, and other municipal buildings, according to NECN’s Justin Michaels.