Former US Representative Sues Over Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Quincy, MA - 02/22/10- l-r- US Representative William Delahunt (cq) defends his actions when he was Norfolk DA in the handling of the 1986 Amy Bishop killing investigation. He held a news conference in his office in Quincy. (Globe staff photo/ Bill Greene) section:metro Library Tag 04112010 Metro
US Representative William Delahunt is arguing to get back three dispensary licenses that were revoked after initially being granted to his medical marijuana company.
The Boston Globe

William Delahunt, the president of Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts and a former US Representative for Massachusetts’ 10th District, is suing state medical marijuana regulators after they revoked three dispensary licenses they originally granted to his company, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, the company alleges in the lawsuit that the Department of Public Health changed course due to negative publicity.

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The Delahunt company argues that the Department of Public Health’s reversal in June was arbitrary and capricious because it was based on publicity considerations rather than the merits of the company’s applications. It also said the health department’s about-face was without regulatory or statutory authority and without any form of due process.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.