Circus Acrobat Wants to Return to Ring Despite Fall

One of the eight Barnum & Bailey’s circus acrobats who plummeted more than 30 feet to the ground during a hair-hanging stunt told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday that she eventually wants to get back in the ring and perform again.

“For now, it’ll be a while and it’s not sure if any of us will be doing hair again,” performer Samantha Pitard, 23, of Champaign, Ill. said on “Good Morning America.” “I will, eventually, not sure when yet, go back to the show.”

Pitard was one of the eight acrobats who was performing the “human chandelier” during the hair hang act when a metal carabiner snapped causing the apparatus and the performers attached to it to fall. An additional performer, who was on the ground, was also injured.

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ABC News reported:

Pitard said she landed sitting up and bit her tongue so hard it's still, "kind of messed up." She also required three stitches to repair a cut on her head and had small fractures on her spine.

Pitard said the team of acrobats have been practicing the hair hanging act for a year and she’s always felt safe performing it.

She was released from the hospital Tuesday, but is staying in Providence, R.I. with the other acrobats who are still recovering. The rest of the circus has moved on to Hartford, Conn. for its next performance.

“They’re all being taken care of really well,” she said. “Everyone, thankfully, is expected to fully recover, which we are all incredibly, incredibly happy about.”