Barbara Walters is Retiring: A Supercut of Her Finest On-Air Moments

She has sat down with everyone from Vladimir Putin to Monica Lewinsky, but this week Barbara Walters’ 50-year television career will come to an end. Walters is set to appear on her final episode of the “The View” today.

As executive producer, Walters created the daytime talk-show in 1997, asserting “it’s not just for women.” It’s now the fourth longest running show in TV history.

In 1979, she became the first woman to co-host an evening news show, paving the way for women in journalism, and on talk television in general. After ABC News Walters went on to cohost 20/20.

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“She rattled a lot of cages before women were even allowed into the zoo,” said Katie Couric of Walters’ five decade career. Walters turns 85 this September.

Although she left 20/20 in 2004, Walters has remained active in evening news. She recently spoke with Donald Sterling’s assistant, V. Stiviano, about the Clippers owner’s controversial remarks about race.

But now she’s opting for retirement. Walters will be done working in television as of Friday.

“I could stay on if I wanted to. I control the show. It’s not as if anyone asked me to leave,” Walters said. “But I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.”