Laws Banning Texting While Driving Actually Work, Study Finds

West Bridgewater, MA 06/06/13 We tag along with the West Bridgewater police as they conduct their third texting while driving sting this year. Scores of motorists were pulled over, observed by spotters manipulating their devices while driving. ( SUCH AS THIS ) Spotters called ahead to waiting officers and if drivers could produce a phone call or gps search on their screen they were lEt go. Many, many were ticketed when texts popped up as last entry. DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WOMAN GOT A TICKET. (DEETS TO COME ) ( George Rizer for the Boston Globe) for METRO
Texting while driving bans especially cuts down on traffic fatalities among young drivers.
The Boston Globe

How do you cut down on traffic deaths? Give tickets to young drivers who are texting while driving, according to a peer-reviewed study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Researchers examined traffic fatalities for states with and without laws banning texting-while-driving over 2000-2010, and found that texting bans were associated with a three percent drop in traffic fatalities overall. In particular, states that only banned young drivers – that is to say, those aged 15-21 – saw an 11 percent decrease in deaths among those young drivers. Young people are more likely to text, and are less experienced drivers, creating a dangerous combination. Issuing fines for texting drivers, and the threat that comes with a fine, saved lives, researchers found.

That may seem ho-hum, but it’s an important step in answering the vexing question of how to cut down on texting while driving, proven time and time again to be dangerous. A majority of states, including all of New England, bans texting for drivers of all ages. Massachusetts, too, bans all phone usage for under-18 drivers. Cracking down on the inexperienced, text-favoring drivers seems to have a life-saving effect.

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