Bed Bugs Found on NYC Subway

Cimex lectularius (bed bug) Cimicid credit Almquist Library Tag 11162008 City Weekly
New York City subway’s newest passenger: the bed bug
The Boston Globe

Bed bugs, the scourge of the earth, have infested New York City’s subway system.

Three trains, all on the N line, were taken out of service and fumigated after bed bugs were found over the last three days, the New York Daily News reports.

If you’re familiar with the New York mass transit system, you may be wondering where the bed bugs could have been, since passengers seats are not upholstered. According to the Daily News, “some of the bugs” were found in seat cushions used by the trains’ conductors.

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But what of the T, with its many upholstered seats? Could those be potential bed bug hideouts?

“It hasn’t been an issue,” MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo told “We keep the subway very clean.”