Video: Look Up From Your Damn Phone

FILE - This Oct. 24, 2013 file photo shows a youth checking his smartphone in Glenview, Ill. Local police may be tracking your cell phone. But they’re regularly censoring information about how the technology’s used or how much it costs taxpayers. Police departments nationwide have released incomplete details about a phone-surveillance tool known as a Stingray, and have blacked out or denied contracts with the device’s maker. Even in states with strong freedom-of-information laws like Florida and Arizona, police say law-enforcement sensitivities and non-disclosure agreements have forced them to stay mum following public inquiries. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)
This Oct. 24, 2013 file photo shows a youth checking his smartphone in Glenview, Ill.
Nam Y. Huh/AP

Today’s technology is a miracle and being able to essentially hold a computer in the palm of your hand is amazing. But hey, did you also know that there are cool things outside of your 3.5-inch screen? Because if you didn't, maybe it’s time you pulled your tired eyes from the glow of your tiny mobile master.

That’s what a new spoken word video, performed by a man named Gary Turk, is asking you to do. Titled Look Up, Turk’s poem asserts that a life spent staring at various screens is a life spent missing opportunities.

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And he’s not wrong! Go to any professional sporting event and you’ll see thousands of people looking at their phone instead of watching some of the world’s best athletes perform physical feats beyond imagination. The same can be said for lots of life’s little wonderful moments, whether it’s finding love (as Turk argues) or simply watching a sun rise and realizing how lucky we all are to be on the one inhabitable marble among millions of other marbles in an infinite universe.

But who cares if he’s right? Honestly, how many times have you checked Twitter while “reading” this post? Or are you still even reading? No, you’re probably on YouTube right now watching a hamster eat a tiny burrito.

Who could blame you for that? We live in a time where 3 billion people have access to incredible technology and virtually every piece of information ever. People cannot be blamed for being drawn to that kind of power.

So go ahead and watch that tiny hamster enjoy a delicious meal. Is the world outside your screen amazing? It sure is. But so is everything inside it.